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Forex Trading Course

Do you want to become truly successful and financially independent? A single desire to achieve
a goal is not enough. The essence of any success is the knowledge that needs to be regularly

Technical analysis indicators

Technical analysis is one of the types of market analysis and consists of three parts: lines and
levels that form the basis, shapes (patterns, models) and indicators. All indicators, without
exception, are built on certain mathematical formulas and base their work on either the price or
the volume of trading.

Technical Forex Analysis

Technical analysis of financial instruments is the most popular way of forecasting the movement
of the market rate. The technical analysis is based on the analysis of charts - analysis of prices,
trading volumes and other price indicators, and technical indicators serve as tools.

Fundamental Forex Analysis

Changes in prices on the world currencies, raw materials and metals are connected associated
with a whole list of events that affect the situation in a single country and in the World.

Types Of Forex Analysis

The question of the success of Forex trading is crucial, and its solution requires a careful
There are 2 ways to analyze the market:
 fundamental analysis;
 technical analysis.
There was always a debate about which of the tests is more effective, but I must say that you
need to use both in trade. So let's first analyze each of them separately, and then combine them.
 Fundamental analysis (FA).
Fundamental analysis is an analysis that takes into account economic, social and political factors
that can affect the market situation. In other words, you are looking at the state of the economy -
whether it is good or not. The meaning of this analysis is that if the state of the economy is
stable, then the currency of this country will also be strong. This follows from the fact that the
stronger the country's economy, the more countries trust its currency more.
 Technical analysis (TA).
Technical analysis is the study of the movement of prices. In short, technical analysis is graphs.
The point is that the student can see the history of the price movement and, based on the
behavior of prices, can determine their further behavior. Having looked at the charts, you can
identify trends and figures that can help you find good trading opportunities.
 Forex is like a big flying energy ball in which the balance between technical and fundamental
analysis plays a decisive role in determining market behavior. There is an expression -
everything is good in moderation. This is also applicable to Forex when choosing the type of
analysis. Do not get hung up on one thing. Instead, as usual, you need to look for the golden
mean, because as soon as you can successfully trade. To successfully trade in forex, you need to
use both approaches.